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Hi, I’m Candice! 

My passion is showing you how to have the life, love and livelihood that you desire from your feminine power.

My Story

Growing up, I always had a strong sense of my body and my energy

I could feel it. 

I was fascinated by it. 

I wanted to explore it. 

I also had this intuitive sense that our energy is intrinsically related to our sense of well-being, strength, and power, and later on, I realized our feminine power.

I was raised in a medical family who dealt with pretty much everything based on the symptoms, the outer manifestation of dis-ease.

That never felt right to me as I could sense that there were underlying factors to health and emotional issues that went deeper than this. 

So, as a young adult, I studied the ancient texts from that of Taoism to Tantra to Kriya and Kundalini yoga. I then found a spiritual teacher who taught energetic meditation techniques that put these studies into practice and reality for me, and I’ve been an avid consciousness student for the last 25 years.

I liked the feeling that there was always another level to get to with these deep techniques. 

I also realized that I could reach high states through meditation and specific energetic practices to awaken myself and my energy

…and my life never looked the same again.

Earlier on in my career, I worked in the corporate world as a commercial interior designer. I was also the space planner for a Fortune 500 company. I soon exited the corporate world and started up five successful companies.

Seventeen years ago, I moved to the US to start up a passion project, which is still a thriving non-profit meditation school. I have personally taught over 550 workshops and worked with 50,000+ women from all around the world on the topics of meditation, self-development, sexuality, and feminine power and energy.

My background in corporate Australia for 12 years and then starting up five successful companies of my own over the last 30 years, led me to the realization that feminine principles are sadly lacking in the world.

It is this that I am here to show you how to awaken and rectify in yourself.

My Vision

Spirituality - Inner Space Techniques

We are first and foremost spiritual beings and it is this that I am always seeking to reveal in you as a client.

Our “outer” self, though, is often what we’re needing to address in terms of our view of the world, its beliefs, and its blind spots, all of which can keep us stuck and not able to move forward.

By realizing that we are first spiritual and second, human, we will always be moving you back to your inner self and source with IST.

It is by going into the inner space, into more subtle parts of our consciousness that we move toward the seed or cause behind issues that manifest outwardly in our lives.

It is here at the source, that we resolve issues once and for all.

Pernicious issues that nothing else seems to shift.​​

It is my job to help you navigate this inner space toward the source of these issues that hold you back and weigh you down. 

​​These could be repeated patterns,  dating the same type of person, not getting the job or doing the work that you desire, or just feeling stuck, alone, and not free inside.

We seek freedom….but it’s really about feeling free inside that will bring this experience to us.

Then we feel free in life, with a much greater ability to give and receive love and be more spiritually open and receptive.

Life Force, Sexuality And Feminine Energy Are One Thing.

My spiritual and sexual experiences have become so deep, so life-changing, that I have dedicated my life’s work to show you how the same is possible for you.   

I’ll show you how to awaken your energy, and step into a life full of abundant energy, fulfilling intimate sex, deep connection, and success in all aspects of your life.

This is why I’m so passionate about showing you how to experience your life, love, and livelihood from feminine and spiritual principles.

You Are Unique

You’re one of a kind! 

But probably not in the way that you think.  Your uniqueness will be found at your depths.  It’s here that you will gain real self-knowledge and resolve much of the outer suffering.


You’ll always see me with tea in my hand, even during private calls!  I swear it’s where all of the genius flows from!

My Approach

When working 1:1 with you as a private client, I work with what are called Inner Space Techniques (IST) to do transformational coaching with you.

IST include meditation techniques and a vision-based assessment of where you are at and what is the most important thing to focus on now that will be the key to unlocking your power and sense of self.

IST can also be experienced through past life regression techniques.


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