Hello, I’m CANDICE


What Is Transformational Coaching?

This involves people revealing themselves by going deep to the source of who they really are and what they really want.   It is a process of diving deep, discovering your authentic self, and setting a new trajectory for your life, work, and relationships.  It is at these spiritual depths that change occurs.

Who Is Coaching For?

If you’re stuck and find yourself going around in circles repeating the same patterns again and again.  If you’re unable to see your own blind spots…hah!  well by definition we can’t see our own blind spots!   If you’re seeking mentoring and advice around your deep inner self, who you are, what you are connected to spiritually.


Client Sessions

Sisterhood Members

International Community

Cups of Tea

1:1 Coaching

Here is where we get to go really deep together.  We’ll work specifically on what’s alive for you now in your life as this is all too often the main snag that is keeping you stuck.

Programs & Courses

Whether you’re sick of being burnt out and you desire to be more feminine, or you’re experiencing heartbreak, or you aren’t finding the kind of relationship that you deeply desire then I have the self-study course for you!

Feminine Mentorship

If you're a smart, savvy, successful woman who has hit the glass ceiling hard and finding yourself burnt out and not knowing why, then this may be for you.

Relationship Coaching

We believe that we should know how to do relationships.  But we don't!  We haven't been trained to.  So, this is for you whether you're dating or in a relationship that needs support.

Healing Heartbreak

Ah, one of life's sure things is experiencing heartbreak.  Did you know that there are specific things that you can do to overcome it?

Spiritual Awakening

Using Inner Space Techniques to find the source of major issues.  This is for seekers who want to know what's beyond appearances.

What's The 1:1 Process Like?

Well, it's very intimate honestly.  What I mean by that is that we'll get to know you at your deepest level.  That may include revealing blocks, digging up outdated beliefs, or uncovering blind spots that have been unconsciously holding you back in your life, love or livelihood.

I'm passionate about helping women run their lives from feminine principles. If you want to be able to bring your feminine into the workplace, or if you're having trouble finding a great match in a partner, or if you're an entrepreneur, I'll coach you on how to from your feminine power and energy in a sustainable, authentic and joyful way.

1. We'll Jump On A Call

We can use Skype, GMeet, WhatsApp or simply a phone call to conduct your sessions. 

2. Check-In With You

After your initial call to determine the direction of your sessions, I will do a check-in at the beginning of each session about your previous week and any homework that I've given you.

3. Meditation - Inner Space Techniques

We use Inner Space Techniques to onboard you into the space.  This space is essential to the depth and success of your session.  It takes you deeper than the ordinary mind; this is where the source of the issues lie and where the resolution will occur.

4. Sourcing Your Issue

"Sourcing means getting to the root cause of blocks and issues in your life.  I'll use various meditation-based inner focused techniques to guide you to the source.

5. Wrap Up

Here, we review of your session to help you understand all of the links that were made during it.  As we go very deep and beyond the ordinary mind, you may want to journal at this time about your experience.  I may give you "homework" such as things to observe during the week prior to your next session.

About Me

Earlier on in my career, I worked in the corporate world as a commercial interior designer. I was also the space planner for a Fortune 500 company. I soon exited the corporate world and started up five successful companies.

Seventeen years ago, I moved to the US to start up a passion project, which is still a thriving non-profit meditation school. I have personally taught over 550 workshops and worked with 50,000+ women from all around the world on the topics of meditation, self-development, sexuality, and feminine power and energy.

My background in corporate Australia for 12 years and then starting up five successful companies of my own over the last 30 years, led me to the realization that feminine principles are sadly lacking in the world.

It’s this innate power that I’m here to reveal in you. 


If you are looking for the person who will help you change the unchangeable, you have just found her. Candice has helped me overcome obstacles in myself that I honestly thought were insurmountable. 
She is highly intelligent but combines that with a deeply loving heart, a rare combination indeed.
I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to change their life.” ~ Bess Y – Professor Of Computer Science USF.

“Sessions with Candice helped me to gain a much deeper understanding of my own feminine power – how to access it, where I had lost it and how to regain it and let it flourish.  Candice cut to the chase to give me what I needed the most to breakthrough my own resistance and limitations to my feminine power.” ~ Jennifer Pennell – San Diego, CA.  Power Of Play Coach

She was able to recognize and facilitate experiences that cleared a pathway to parts of myself that have been hidden for a long time – so deeply even I didn’t always recognize them.” ~ Michelle Mickle – Isaquah, WA – Parenting Coach

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