“How To Connect To Your Feminine Essence” – And Get Out Of Your Masculine

“How To Connect To Your Feminine Essence” – And Get Out Of Your Masculine

Your feminine essence is just longing and stretching to be embodied by every bone of your being.

You see, the inner forces of your innate feminine know-how are residing within you already! The feminine stream wants to flow and ooze in between all of the curves and crevices in your body, and as a result, pour itself into your body movements, speech and different states of simply being .

Although this energy lives within you, she may feel suppressed and hidden behind the leading masculine energy.


So how did you get here?

Society is dominated by masculinity at almost every corner! Being action-focused, goal-oriented, and constantly doing, doing, doing is pushing people forward, and unfortunately, as women we are reap the wrecking ball effect of this directional pull.

Feminine energy is open, fluid and receptive, and when we women connect to this pole, the force is translated into our life, work and relationships.

Unfortunately, the values of community, support, receptivity, love, and harmony also end up hidden in the valleys of a place far, far away…

And as a result, women’s overall health and well-being is suffering, and her flame for life is slowly dying whether she is fully aware of it or not. Now, more than ever we must connect to our feminine essence to preserve the preciousness of our true powers.


The good news is

The entire planet is wanting a resurfacing of feminine energy to gracefully fill the cracks and gaps left as a result of the ever-pursuing masculine. And if you are a woman lost in her man-mode mask, you are probably craving for your feminine zest to surface again!

You have a deep knowing of who you are at your core, and you must listen to her if you want to revive and stay alive through your feminine power.


The key?


You have to listen to her voice. She is soft and gentle, and values things like…slowing down and indulging in out breaths to create more space to enjoy life.

Your feminine essence is also seeking sensuality, pleasure and creativity to fully fill you up.

Watch this week’s video to learn the layers of tapping into your feminine essence here: How To Connect To Your Feminine Essence And Get Out Of Your Masculine.

Enjoy the video, and make sure to leave a comment below the video on Youtube with any questions that may arise while viewing.


Feminine Leadership

Feminine Leadership

I have been reflecting a lot on feminine leadership and what that means, and one of the things that I’ve realized is that it is different for each of us.

We need to find that in, of and for ourselves.

One thing that keeps landing for me, is that part of my form of feminine leadership comes with complete transparency.

What that looks like is that I will be sharing my life with you, my wins, my falls, my vulnerability and my vision.   It’s the only way I can move forward from a life where my I liked to hide a lot, pretend that I was infallible and invulnerable, that I was perfect and that I had it all worked out.

What it feels like inside me, is coming out from lifetimes of hiding;  hiding my power, hiding my care, hiding my successes and my failures, hiding my vision and worst of all hiding my immense Love.

It’s time, it’s time, to come out from hiding, live my life out loud, unabashed, uninhibited and unbridled.

It’s time, it’s time.

So here goes….you are going to get me warts and all from hereon.

Polarity renewed.

I have observed people all of my life.

It is a joy and obsession of mine to do this.

One of the things that has become apparent to me is the loss of sexual polarity between men and women. This has created so much distress between us. This gender neutralizing has not brought equality, unity and gain, but confusion, dissonance and loss.

I consider myself part of a sexual revolution, a renewal of this polarity. My view is that when men are allowed to really be the masculine force and women are allowed to reveal the feminine, receptive power again, then much strife and confusion will abate from our world.

I see that it will bring peace and joy to us all.   A renewal of what life, sexuality and even our spiritual practice can be.