How To Dial Desire To Get What You Want

There is story about a priest and a prostitute.

They lived across the street from each other in India.

The brothel on one side; the monastery on the other.

The priest was celibate and frustrated and constantly peered out of his window at the brothel across the street.

The prostitute had big aspirations for enlightenment and would constantly peer out of her window at the monastery across the road wanting to be in full time meditation.

After death:

The priest went to a place that was full of lasciviousness and carnal desires.

The prostitute went to a place where she could meditate and be in constant union with the Divine.


Here’s why.

This story illustrates the power of our desires. Especially the hidden and constant, unspoken background ones.

You must desire, give attention to, and have intention for what you want in your life to receive it.


What does this mean for you?

This story reminds us of the power of finding and owning our hidden desires in order to get what we really want…NOW, rather than waiting any longer.

Essentially, in this video I talk about refocusing on what you do want and away from what you don’t.

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How To Activate Feminine Energy In 3 Steps

The other day I spotted a Ferrari parked on the side of the street.

Wow!  What a machine…so beautiful, just sitting there.

Gorgeous industrial design, sleek lines, Ferrari red!

Now, I’ve never driven in a Ferrari, but I’ve seen them driving, and boy, does her real self show up when she’s all fueled up and driving in the way only she can.

Think about it.

A Ferrari is actually a performance racing car.

They’re designed for speed, smoothness, holding the road…performance…but you could be fooled to think she was just a beautiful example of industrial design if all you’d ever seen of one was it parked on the side of the street.

What does this mean for you?

In this weeks video I show you How To Activate Feminine Energy In 3 Steps.

Essentially, I’ll show you how to put fuel in YOUR Ferrari! Check out my full video below:


How To Be More Feminine Using Guilty Pleasures

Let’s discuss “How To Be More Feminine whilst using your guilty pleasures!”

I wanted to challenge you a bit…

I’ll teach you to take the word guilty out of the equation, and how to see them as pleasure pathways for stepping into more of your feminine essence!


Think about it.

Lots of feminine things, or things that get us into our feminine polarity and hence our feminine power, at first, appear as guilty pleasures!

Whether it’s eating that “naughty” slice of fully-deliciousness cake or listening and dancing around to our favorite radio pop songs, we all have desires for forms of pleasure that, because we have tacked the word guilty onto, we tend to avoid more often then we should.


I’m embarrassed to admit this.

For years and years…in fact most of my working life I viewed things like taking breaks, self-care, time with friends, prioritizing out breath and free time, as “wasting time”.

If I did indulge in those things I’d be feeling “guilty”and that time was being lost.

My spermy, masculine energy was swimming to dive back into that “to-do” list as soon as possible. ..and by the way, my friends could sense it.  They didn’t feel my full presence and energy.

There was a lack of space, and a lack of innocent, joy-beaming from my life because I didn’t see the value in treating myself to these activities.


Here’s what happened.

By my early 40’s I was 3 degrees of burnt out.

Royally….burnt out if I may add.

And it took me years to recover from the hot temperatures, the overcooking, the burning.

The recovery alone resulted in a great amount of wasted time, energy and resources.


The secret is

By filling up on more pleasurable activities, you are stepping into your Queendom, wearing your crown and embodying your true feminine power.

Check out my full video below as I built a case for your “guilty pleasures” to get you back into your feminine power!

—> [VIDEO] How To Be More Feminine Using Guilty Pleasures

Want To Know How To Be In Your Feminine Power?

Want to know more about why as a woman we must, must, must learn how to “Be” to experience the fullness of our feminine power?


It all boils down to this:

The masculine is about doing;

The feminine is about being.


And here’s the secret.

It is Being that will allow you the spaciousness, the opening and the glowing grace to experience the feeling of being in your feminine polarity and hence your feminine power.

Being is a new skill…or, a skill that we need to re-learn and apply to our daily life to be able to both trust and turn on our feminine power again.

When we master the transition from Doing to Being we can begin to drink gallons of our feminine flow.


Here’s Why.

Doing is what is usually rewarded, remunerated and applauded in this masculine dominant world.

Boys and girls alike grow up under this umbrella, and as we grow into adulthood, this umbrella gets bigger and quite frankly, begins to drown us as women.


But here’s the problem.

There’s a ticking time bomb inside you if you keep going down the same track that you’re on. This non stop pushing, striving, competing….

It’s now the time to change this…to remember and realize that it is by being in your feminine side and hence your feminine power, that you will fully enjoy the life and work that you want.

…and you’ll LOVE the entire process.

Ladies, let’s go out there and shine this week from our unlimited feminine supply source!

Click the link below to watch the video on How to Be In Your Feminine Power.

—> [VIDEO] Being In Your Feminine Power

3 Tips For How To Embody Feminine Power

In this weeks video you will learn 3 Tips For How To Embody Feminine Power.

—> [VIDEO] 3 Tips For How To Embody Feminine Power 

And here’s a secret…

One of the tips is pretty racy! Now, in this video I give you a bunch of context prior to the tips which start at 6:20…so skip ahead to the tips of you want.  I won’t tell anyone…

What is power and what is embodiment for that matter?

Well,  it isn’t about belief or thinking about power,  it’s about feeling it from the inside out. 

It’s about loving every square inch of your body from the inside out.  It’s about getting plugged back into your power source and it’s about learning how to be powerfully feminine again.

When we do this, we feel confident; when we feel confident, we shine! And when we shine, we attract pretty much whatever we want into us, our work and our relationships.

Why is this important?

It’s time for us women to love and adore our bodies and our lady parts again! And as I say at the end of all of my videos, “when you have the courage to go out there and shine, you give others permission to do the same… So let’s go out there and shine this week!”

Check out this weeks video where I’ll show you 3 Tips For How To Embody Feminine Power