The Seven Steps To Feminine Success – Step 6 – Performance

The Seven Steps To Feminine Success – Step 6 – Performance

Step #6 – Performance

This is probably when you want to tune out of the 7 Steps to Feminine Success!  Performance sounds *very* dull!

But, what if you knew how to structure yourself for success?

What if you knew how to get time back and time work for you?

What if you knew how to create containers that structure your goals, you to-do’s AND self-care?

What if goal setting was made really easy?

What if you could become more successful by working 12 days…….per month!

In my world, these are the essence of how to get to high performance in your feminine business.

Getting to high performance in a feminine-based business requires 3 things.  You need to understand:

  1. Structure
  2. Flow
  3. Time

I had a mentor once who totally re-framed my thinking around time in my business.  She made me realize that I had been viewing time in a limited and linear way, and that because of this I was actually LESS efficient than if I understood that I could decide how much I want to work, how many hours, how many days/week or month and that by me deciding how I was going to structure my time, I was going to be more efficient and more successful.

…and part of this is planning your self-care and pleasure time!

Well I ran with this idea and am currently working a 16 day/month business working model…and I tripled my income in the first 6 months of this year!  How does that sound to you?  Exciting…. crazy….impossible?  This has lead me to greater (financial) success and it is certainly helping keeping my energy levels high too.

As I consider myself patient zero, I have tested everything on myself and my business first before I pass it onto you!

I love showing women how to take back time and with that, take back their energy and love what they are doing in the process.

I asked a dear 20 year long friend a while ago, “What am I good at?”, and his response was, “You are great at getting S#!T done whilst still loving your life!”.  We proceeded to sit together recording our conversation for a few hours whilst we drilled down into HOW I get S#!T done.  Once of the key pieces that came out of this time was that I love creating containers within which to structure my day, my week and my month.    I view “containers” as the canvass upon which you create your business.   Containers not so much as to restrict you, but to direct you forward.

Containers create the boundaries for the river to flow forward in a clear direction.

I like to say:  “Within Structure, Creativity can flow.”

I also love goal setting.  Why?  Because I have this super simple method that I do every month and once a year as I assess where my business is at as I look at what needs to come next.  Goal setting is AN aspect of understanding the relationship to time.  I LOVE discussions around time, so let’s start here.

I do goal setting as monthly forecast.

My marketing goals example looks like this:

How much gross revenue do I want to achieve?

How many speaking engagements do I want?

How many networking opportunities do I want to attend?

How many new clients in my program/s do I want?

How many conversations (calls or meetings) do I need to have?

Now, yours may look different to this depending on your niche.

The essence of this, is keep it really simple!  But there are a few more secret squirrel steps to make this really work.

Without having goals in place or understanding the way you can learn to flow and flex time, but then expecting tangible results from your business is a bit like what a coach of mine calls “Hope marketing”.   Agh,  hope is one of those things that is such an important things for the human spirit, but when it comes to your business, “hoping” that you’ll get your work done, and hoping clients will find you, or hoping that you’ll someday get through that TO-DO list or hoping that promoters knock down their doors to have you speak…well just isn’t going to work.

“You don’t need to be a genius or a visionary, or even a college graduate for that matter, to be successful. You just need framework and a dream.”

~  Michael Dell, CEO of DELL

Quantum Physics shows us today, right now that time is NOT what we think it is, and in a feminine-based business getting away from (the belief) of linear time is essential.

To illustrate , let’s try this:

Think of a time when time really dragged…you kept looking at your watch thinking an hour went by….and it progressed only 5 minutes!  You were probably bored, or sad, or feeling small or stuck…right!

Now, think of a time when time just FLEW by…it was probably a time when you were totally in the zone and LOVING every minute of what you were doing.   You felt alive,  unbounded, enthusiastic and full of wonder….right!

What about if you could reverse engineer this process.  By doing what you LOVE doing, working with who you LOVE to work with, being around people you LOVE and adore…time will bend!

Another thing I love to do is look at timelines with my clients.  Basically what this means is casting forward from now and plunging down their timeline to see which is the best direction in which to move….but this is a topic for a whole article and is key to how I work with my clients when they are making key decisions in their business.

Where Time and Flow combine is at the very core and essence of a model of feminine success!

Here’s to your juicy feminine successful business!

The last step in the 7 Step Feminine Success Formula is that of Product.