Feminine Softness And Opening: How To Be More Feminine

Feminine Softness And Opening: How To Be More Feminine

You probably wouldn’t usually think in terms of “power” when talking about such topics as softness and opening, right?

Here’s why.

I’m referring to what makes us powerful as a human being, not power over someone or something.

>>>I invite you to check out my new video on “Feminine Softness And Opening”

Why does this matter?

Feminine power has some core elements to it that include softness and opening and I’ve made a video this week covering these aspects of what it takes be more feminine, feel your power and unlock your energy!

Check out my new video on “Feminine Softness And Opening” and how to get into your feminine power.


How To Get More Feminine Energy – And How Being Too Masculine Is Hurting You

How To Get More Feminine Energy – And How Being Too Masculine Is Hurting You

I have a goal with all of my teachings to steer you away from the path of burnout, and instead steer you towards your abundant source of feminine power and energy.

I want you to live your life based on delectable feminine principles so that you can radiate and glow more than ever before!


Here’s the thing

Our feminine energy and power has been thwarted by patriarchal paradigms for millenia.

Our bodies, our sexuality, our healing power, our love, our ability to deeply serve and give.

When women get back in touch with their feminine power and energy, oolalaa they better watch out!

Because society is masculine dominated, when the streets begin to buzz with the feminine, an illuminating force will be felt from miles and miles away.

Right now, at this very moment, deep inside you lives an unlimited font of energy and power that is just waiting to be tapped into and brought out into the open.

The seed is already planted within you. It simply needs more sunlight and water to blossom into her feminine fullness.


Still not convinced?

You are not meant to do this alone!

I’m inviting you to join our sisterhood of women with the know-how, experience and love for how to make the fluid transition from masculine back into their feminine.

Check out my new video on “How To Get More Feminine Energy – And How Being Too Masculine Is Hurting You”

We’ll do this together, supported in each others’ unique beauty and power, gifts and purpose.


How To Soften Into Your Feminine Power

Did you know that softening is one of the greatest paths to true inner strength?

And yes, you read those words correctly…

…softening leads to strength.

This belief is certainly not what society wants us to adopt and accept, however for a woman who presents herself to the world through her flowing, feminine essence, one of our greatest superpowers is in the softening.

Softening puts you on a plush path to opening, and opening is like the budding flower blossoming into full pedals of feminine power.


How so?

Learning to soften our body, our voice and our mental chatter are 3 feminine keys for how to soften.

Maybe you can relate to my previous beliefs of thinking that strength came from being hard, self-assured and forthright.

A bit closed even.

I was taught..

How strength was equated to the amount of intensity in our efforts and actions.

How much can you push every fiber of your being forward to get as many things done in a certain period of time? How much can you produce?

How strong and assertive can you be in the corporate work-place, a field dominated by men and masculinity?


Sound like anyone you know?

It felt like whenever the word strength or success came up, a picture of a really macho, masculine man would appear in my mind, and I would funnel all of my actions through this image.

I didn’t hear strength or success in the same sentence as femininity, and the word softness was on a different page altogether!

If anything, my perspective on the world was that strength meant hardness and being tough.

My poor body and voice would then carry that strength and rigidity in my communication with people, friends and lovers.


The result…

The more I lived life like this, worked like this and conducted relationships like this, the more pain I felt inside, and the more “separate” I felt and the less like my authentic self.

The more I lived life like this…the less I attracted truly masculine men toward me…in fact, usually the opposite…but that’s a story for another day.

I invite you to watch this weeks video: 3 Keys For “How To Soften Into Your Feminine Power” where I answer a question from a subscriber about “How To Soften The Voice…”

Pro tip!  This one goes a loooong way when it comes to communicating with men in relationships too.

How To Be More Eggy

Yes, I said EGGY and not EDGY!


Why does this even matter?





No breaks

Working harder

Juggling too many balls


No life!


Do any of these outdated tunes rattle in the harmony of your day-to-day flow?

Do you recognize any of these in yourself?


Well, I’ve got some news for you.

These realities present themselves when we’re in man-mode.

And when we are in man-mode we are being… SPERMY!

Oolala, just typing those words makes me tighten and tense up!

My muscles can still remember my marriage with man-mode.

The strenuous, overwhelming, fatigue and eye bag-inducing life constantly left me feeling disconnected. It felt like my mind, body and spirit were all being tugged and pulled in different directions, as opposed to a fluid, linear alignment.

There was no softness

There was no yin to the abundant amounts of yang.

The forcing, pushing and overworking was slicing through the yearnings of my soul.

The gerbil wheel of staying in man-mode and being spermy had my feminine energy cut like sharp corners.

Talk about edgy!

But you’re probably wondering

How did I even get here?

How can I soften my edges and become more eggy?

Well, darling, this week’s video is about How To Be More Eggy – or The Feminine Way To Manifest Your Dreams.

I created this video to show you how to become more soft and eggy!

I want you to escape the energetic confinements and help you to swing and sway in a graceful, feminine way!

The funny thing is, by being more eggy you will actually have an edge on those trapped in man-mode.

So, in a way it is actually edgy being more eggy!

Enjoy the video, and I’d love for you to leave a comment below the video on YouTube.  I’ll be checking and answering them for you, so ask away!

Polarity renewed.

I have observed people all of my life.

It is a joy and obsession of mine to do this.

One of the things that has become apparent to me is the loss of sexual polarity between men and women. This has created so much distress between us. This gender neutralizing has not brought equality, unity and gain, but confusion, dissonance and loss.

I consider myself part of a sexual revolution, a renewal of this polarity. My view is that when men are allowed to really be the masculine force and women are allowed to reveal the feminine, receptive power again, then much strife and confusion will abate from our world.

I see that it will bring peace and joy to us all.   A renewal of what life, sexuality and even our spiritual practice can be.