How To Get More Feminine Energy – And How Being Too Masculine Is Hurting You

How To Get More Feminine Energy – And How Being Too Masculine Is Hurting You

I have a goal with all of my teachings to steer you away from the path of burnout, and instead steer you towards your abundant source of feminine power and energy.

I want you to live your life based on delectable feminine principles so that you can radiate and glow more than ever before!


Here’s the thing

Our feminine energy and power has been thwarted by patriarchal paradigms for millenia.

Our bodies, our sexuality, our healing power, our love, our ability to deeply serve and give.

When women get back in touch with their feminine power and energy, oolalaa they better watch out!

Because society is masculine dominated, when the streets begin to buzz with the feminine, an illuminating force will be felt from miles and miles away.

Right now, at this very moment, deep inside you lives an unlimited font of energy and power that is just waiting to be tapped into and brought out into the open.

The seed is already planted within you. It simply needs more sunlight and water to blossom into her feminine fullness.


Still not convinced?

You are not meant to do this alone!

I’m inviting you to join our sisterhood of women with the know-how, experience and love for how to make the fluid transition from masculine back into their feminine.

Check out my new video on “How To Get More Feminine Energy – And How Being Too Masculine Is Hurting You”

We’ll do this together, supported in each others’ unique beauty and power, gifts and purpose.


The Seven Steps To Feminine Success – Step 7 – Product

The Seven Steps To Feminine Success – Step 7 – Product

Step #7 – Product

This step is all about your product or service and how to market and sell them!

So, what is it that you are offering your peeps?   Is it your time as a practitioner or therapist?  Is it a membership site that you fill with all sorts of great content?  Is it a great workshop or retreat?   Is it a product or a bunch of products?  Is it a mixture of all of the above?

Now, we need to go back to the Purpose step to see who your peeps are and in which environment you most want to be with them.  Remember when I asked the question “What is the juiciest environment in which you’d LOVE to work?”   Simple, but super essential and powerful step.

If you can dream it, you can do it

Walt Disney

Once you’ve worked this out (Through knowing your Purpose and your People) then we have to talk about what you are going to do with them.

One key is to find out from them what they want to know about, what their main pain points are in their life and how they like to learn.  Another key is what do YOU like to do.  How do you most enjoy sharing your awesome gifts with your people?  Simple enough.

What if I told you that you can do pretty much anything with them.  Yep, do exactly what you want, in the way that you want, with the people that you want to work with!

Here are a few ways you can market to and find your people:

Speaking:  One of my personal favorites.  I LOVE speaking whether at a conference, a meetup or a small gig nearby.  I just love having my ultimate peeps in a room and inspiring them that their life can be better and their problems can be solved with my formulas and systems.

Retreats/Workshops:  This is probably my favorite way to teach and coach people.  I love the intimacy, the intensity and the level of transformation that it brings.  You can conduct 2 – 10 day workshops anywhere in the country and the world!

1:1 Sessions:  I’ve done this for the last 17 years and I love the intimacy of private client sessions and how I can laser focus in one just one person at a time.

Membership Site:  Great way to deliver content in pretty much any form you like.  Videos,  Audio,  Pdfs, Manuals.

I have a dear friend and peer who teaches women about the feminine nature of money.  She only likes to teach women in small groups of under twenty, and do it in the redwoods on retreat.  Pretty specific huh?  This is uniquely HER way of doing things.  She feels at her best there and that she can give the most to them there.

I think we’re having fun. I think our customers really like our products.  And we’re always trying to do better.

Steve Jobs

One last tip:  People buy results.  You need to be super clear on the results that you will provide them.  Clear on the results in the way you write on your website and in your marketing materials and in the way you speak.  Be clear and consistent.   A great way to show your results in via a system or formula.

Essentially your “product” is an opportunity for a truly creative expression of who you are and how you love to do things.

In fact the more differentiated you are, the more you are tightly niched, the more successful you will be.

Don’t feel like you have to do it in a way that anybody has done in the past.  This is your business; imitate if you want; innovate if you want.  Remember this is the time of the personal brand and you are a truly unique personal brand!

This is the last step in the 7 Step Feminine Success Formula!

Here’s to your juicy feminine successful business!

The Seven Steps To Feminine Success – Step 7 – Product

The Seven Steps To Feminine Success – Step 6 – Performance

Step #6 – Performance

This is probably when you want to tune out of the 7 Steps to Feminine Success!  Performance sounds *very* dull!

But, what if you knew how to structure yourself for success?

What if you knew how to get time back and time work for you?

What if you knew how to create containers that structure your goals, you to-do’s AND self-care?

What if goal setting was made really easy?

What if you could become more successful by working 12 days…….per month!

In my world, these are the essence of how to get to high performance in your feminine business.

Getting to high performance in a feminine-based business requires 3 things.  You need to understand:

  1. Structure
  2. Flow
  3. Time

I had a mentor once who totally re-framed my thinking around time in my business.  She made me realize that I had been viewing time in a limited and linear way, and that because of this I was actually LESS efficient than if I understood that I could decide how much I want to work, how many hours, how many days/week or month and that by me deciding how I was going to structure my time, I was going to be more efficient and more successful.

…and part of this is planning your self-care and pleasure time!

Well I ran with this idea and am currently working a 16 day/month business working model…and I tripled my income in the first 6 months of this year!  How does that sound to you?  Exciting…. crazy….impossible?  This has lead me to greater (financial) success and it is certainly helping keeping my energy levels high too.

As I consider myself patient zero, I have tested everything on myself and my business first before I pass it onto you!

I love showing women how to take back time and with that, take back their energy and love what they are doing in the process.

I asked a dear 20 year long friend a while ago, “What am I good at?”, and his response was, “You are great at getting S#!T done whilst still loving your life!”.  We proceeded to sit together recording our conversation for a few hours whilst we drilled down into HOW I get S#!T done.  Once of the key pieces that came out of this time was that I love creating containers within which to structure my day, my week and my month.    I view “containers” as the canvass upon which you create your business.   Containers not so much as to restrict you, but to direct you forward.

Containers create the boundaries for the river to flow forward in a clear direction.

I like to say:  “Within Structure, Creativity can flow.”

I also love goal setting.  Why?  Because I have this super simple method that I do every month and once a year as I assess where my business is at as I look at what needs to come next.  Goal setting is AN aspect of understanding the relationship to time.  I LOVE discussions around time, so let’s start here.

I do goal setting as monthly forecast.

My marketing goals example looks like this:

How much gross revenue do I want to achieve?

How many speaking engagements do I want?

How many networking opportunities do I want to attend?

How many new clients in my program/s do I want?

How many conversations (calls or meetings) do I need to have?

Now, yours may look different to this depending on your niche.

The essence of this, is keep it really simple!  But there are a few more secret squirrel steps to make this really work.

Without having goals in place or understanding the way you can learn to flow and flex time, but then expecting tangible results from your business is a bit like what a coach of mine calls “Hope marketing”.   Agh,  hope is one of those things that is such an important things for the human spirit, but when it comes to your business, “hoping” that you’ll get your work done, and hoping clients will find you, or hoping that you’ll someday get through that TO-DO list or hoping that promoters knock down their doors to have you speak…well just isn’t going to work.

“You don’t need to be a genius or a visionary, or even a college graduate for that matter, to be successful. You just need framework and a dream.”

~  Michael Dell, CEO of DELL

Quantum Physics shows us today, right now that time is NOT what we think it is, and in a feminine-based business getting away from (the belief) of linear time is essential.

To illustrate , let’s try this:

Think of a time when time really dragged…you kept looking at your watch thinking an hour went by….and it progressed only 5 minutes!  You were probably bored, or sad, or feeling small or stuck…right!

Now, think of a time when time just FLEW by…it was probably a time when you were totally in the zone and LOVING every minute of what you were doing.   You felt alive,  unbounded, enthusiastic and full of wonder….right!

What about if you could reverse engineer this process.  By doing what you LOVE doing, working with who you LOVE to work with, being around people you LOVE and adore…time will bend!

Another thing I love to do is look at timelines with my clients.  Basically what this means is casting forward from now and plunging down their timeline to see which is the best direction in which to move….but this is a topic for a whole article and is key to how I work with my clients when they are making key decisions in their business.

Where Time and Flow combine is at the very core and essence of a model of feminine success!

Here’s to your juicy feminine successful business!

The last step in the 7 Step Feminine Success Formula is that of Product.

The Seven Steps To Feminine Success – Step 7 – Product

The Seven Steps To Feminine Success – Step 5 – Presence

Step #5 – Presence

I know what it feels like when I meet somebody who has a strong ‘presence‘ about them.  When I do, I find them truly compelling, their words seem more meaningful and I sense that they are passing something to me…beyond their words.

What is presence and why is this important in business?

So, I use the word presence in two ways:

  1. How To Be Present
  2. How To Bring Your Presence

Now, they go together, but understanding the distinction is also important.

And, in a woman’s body and woman’s life this has A LOT to do with Pleasure!

1. What does being present really mean?

Ram Dass wrote his famous book “Be Here Now” and Eckhart Tolle wrote his book called “The Power of Now”.  But this concept has been the very veins that have run through all spiritual teachings for thousands of years.

It is as simple as keeping focused on now and not worrying about the past or what the future holds;  and it is as difficult as keeping focused on now and not worrying about the past or what the future holds!

…and this is why spiritual teachers can base their entire discourse on this one thing!    Just freaking being present!   Not being able to do this is at the heart of the human condition and is at the heart of true mastery over yourself, your life and your success.

Being present enables me to stay focused, alive and nimble on my feet as an entrepreneur.  I know for myself that if I drift and go down the track of bemoaning mistakes I’ve made (the past) or worrying about outcomes (the future), I cannot be really present to my mission or to my clients…neither of which are tenable for me.

Meditation is a key to learning to be present.

Another thing that I do is to enroll gratitude in my life as a way to bring me to now, be present, alive and focusing on the great things that I have in my life, right now, this minute.  This brings me out of any past or future tripping pretty damn quickly.

Future tripping is the biggest way to stop being present.  Past tripping does the same thing.

Also, if you are future or past tripping this is no way to build a relationship with…anybody!   Whether you are with your lover or with a client they will know that you are not 100% present with them.  So, turn off facebook and your phone and all other distractions and give your 100% attention to your beloved clients, lover or children.

2. What does bringing your presence really mean?

This is about shining,  coming out of hiding, pleasure and self-care.  These all go hand in hand.  At first this is terrifying to so many women.  We have suffered a lot throughout the ages as women and I’ve observed how this has encouraged a culture of hiding our gifts and not shining…too much.  OR, the only way we have come out of hiding is by being in man-mode, as that is the way we were taught to be visible and successful…and feel safe.    So true for me, that’s for sure.

Especially the notion of shining as a woman, being in your feminine power, in your luscious, juicy femininity, feeling pleasure and marrying this with the world of business!  Now this is about shining ourselves, our power and bringing a new impulse to a world that is so hungry for feminine values to come back to the forefront.

The Dalai Lama quoted “The world will be saved by the Western Woman”.  I believe that he was foreseeing what is coming for the world and that feminine values are desperately needed for our world to get back on track.  An important feminine value is presence.  Another is that of pleasure.  We, as women are built for pleasure.  So, if you are not feeling that then you need guidance and mentoring to help you get back into that experience of yourself.

For women, it is easier to start to bring yourself out of hiding when you find a great tribe or community in which they encourage this.  Coming out of the ‘lone-wolf’ syndrome is part of this.   It’s time to stop acting alone and start to work in community.

Another thing required if you want to bring your presence is embodiment.  Embodiment means owning and being grounded and alive in your own body.  Again, this will mean that you are feeling pleasure in your body.  I know, I know I keep harping on this one!  

To do this you have to learn how to really love your body with all of it’s different shapes, curves and (perceived) flaws.  When you do, you will start to experience the innate pleasure that is held in your body.  It will start to erupt out of you as this is your natural state!

Loving every square inch of it from top to bottom.  It is then, and only then, that you will be able to truly embody your presence.  Needless to say, this is a process of it’s own as media and social expectations make this difficult for many women.

I remember, how much I used to hate my nose when I was a teenager.  I thought it was too big and shaped wrongly.   I really really wanted my perception of a perfect upward curved feminine nose.  I met a woman when I was 23 who said to me once “Candice, whatever you do, don’t change your nose, it is perfect and classic”.  This shocked me at the time, but it cracked something about my perception of myself.  This women thought MY nose was perfect.  Why didn’t I?   From there forward I started to learn to love my body and features and stop comparing myself to others.  This lead me to being able to be more in my body, owning it and then able to shine my presence through it.

Your ability to bring your presence AND be present requires you to love yourself with all of your beauty, flaws and the mistakes you have made and will make!   You do this for others every day, now it’s time for you!

Self-care is a big one to allow your presence to shine.  Women who put themselves last are withdrawing from their presence account.  And self-care adds to your presence account.

Self care has become know as “Radical Self Care!”….I want to take the radical out of this statement so that it becomes normal again to make self-care a top priority in your life.  It has become radical due to the chronic lack of it around us!  To do this self-care needs to be scheduled in as important as any meeting, client,  peer or work plan.

Here’s to your juicy feminine successful business!

The next essential step in the 7 Step Feminine Success System is that of Performance.


The Seven Steps To Feminine Success – Step 7 – Product

The Seven Steps To Feminine Success – Step 4 – Prosperity

Step #4 – Prosperity

Next step, Prosperity.   Well doh, of course prosperity is one of the keys to feminine success!

What does it mean to prosper?

“Pro-Spere” in latin means: Hopeful and full of possibility; Success and Thriving

Having come from a long term corporate background in Australia as a commercial designer, I know all about those models that we all grew up with.  You know, go to college, get a great education, then, get a job!   And jobs I got.  Great ones actually.  I loved working for the top five architectural firms in the country and working on projects for the biggest telecoms, banks, attorneys and accounts.   It was super cool to have $M1 to spend on each floor of an office building (that would be $M2 now!).  It was great to project manage such large and important projects and people.

Now in this job model, you get a great job, you work hard, you get promoted, you climb the corporate ladder, and along the way you get paid more and more.  Or you move from job to job to up-leveling yourself and getting paid more and more.  I did that.  I’d “promote” myself into a new job at a new firm every few years.  Every single time I negotiated a newer, better, more highly paid contract.

And after 13 years of doing this I became a consultant to the same firms…and got paid even more to do the same thing that I was employed full-time to do!  How awesome is that….I could smell the freedom.  I now worked for myself.  I got paid a lot more per hour and took time off when I wanted.

I think this is where my serial entrepreneurial spirit was born.   MY business, MY time, MY clients and paid well for my expertise.  Sounds pretty good right?  Well, yes, there was no catch here.   Or was there?

This felt like freedom. 


For a while.

The catch was not that I could not control my life better as a business owner.  The catch was the way I was doing it.  I had transferred the way I worked as a corporate woman into how I ran my business.

From “man-mode”.

I knew how to work hard, produce and keep my clients happy.   However, I was doing this in an outdated work-life model that frankly left me compromising too much of myself.  I was compromising my energy, my time, my femininity and relationships to name a few things.  I was really delaying my life and all of these things into some uncertain future when, then, the belief was I’d then have time to give to these things.

And frankly,  on top of that I was hitting some sort of inner glass ceiling that was limiting my ability to really thrive.

When I started a meditation school 15 years ago, I wanted to apply my ability to run a business to a life whereby I wanted to serve people.  Making more and more money then and now still doesn’t motivate me.  My purpose motivates me.  That is, to help women run successful businesses from feminine values.

The glass ceiling is something that was coined back in 1979 and is defined as:

The glass ceiling is the unseen, yet unbreakable barrier that keeps women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements.

However, for so many women business owners the glass ceiling is experienced in the form of internal limits in your own business (read: self), and you find yourself working harder and harder and not cracking that damn inner glass ceiling.  And you believe that if you just work a little harder for a little longer it will pay off eventually.  But every time you make a bit more money, get a bit more cash flow, big bills and expenses hit you and you bounce on back down again.

This is what I call the Inner Glass Ceiling and it is part of the inner game of business for women that must be addressed if you want to get the results that you are looking for.

It is my observation that one of the big keys to cracking your inner glass ceiling has to do with getting in alignment with your purpose.

For women entrepreneurs the inner glass ceiling is a mix of unseen forces that effect you personally,  instead of those imposed by a corporation.  Things held unconsciously inside you.  They are all internal.  It can be a combination of beliefs about yourself, family and peer expectations, comparison with others in your field.  But ultimately it is about your relationship to your own value.  i.e. the one that you don’t admit to deep inside yourself.  This is the big one that you need some mentoring and support to help find, deconstruct and overcome.

It is the combination of the right mentoring and community that is how the inner glass ceiling gets cracked.

If there is one thing that I know from my own experience, your business is a reflection of you.  That is, how you value yourself, how you see yourself as compared to others, how much you seek to be visible or not, how much your really want to serve and how big you want your impact to be.  Your business WILL reflect you back to you.  And you don’t know what you don’t know.  This is where some of the best stuff has been revealed to me by my coaches and mentors. 

If you are not getting the results that you want in business, then you need help or mentoring to see where your unconsciousness is.  And, boy was this one true for me.  This is where I needed coaching to help me see things about myself that I couldn’t see.

So, to get to real prosperity you have to arrive at this combination of cracking through your inner glass ceiling which is your earning power as well as  getting into alignment with your purpose (in combination with the other feminine success keys).  When you have done this, it is like taking the brakes off your Ferrari!

And then, nothing will stop your big vision, your big calling and desire to make a big impact on the world.

When you have done this, it is like taking the brakes off your Ferrari!

…well, I live in the Bay Area, so perhaps taking the brakes off your Tesla!  But you know what I mean.   When the brakes are off it is because you really know your purpose, then all of the energy and fuel that you pour into your business will allow you to move forward freely.  The experience becomes that the universe gets behind you and you find yourself being put in front of the right people, your perfect clients,  promoters and partners.   Alignment and magic then become the order of the day!

If this isn’t happening right now, it is because you are weak on one or more of the 7 steps to feminine success.  Be honest with yourself,  look hard inside yourself and discover where both your strengths and weaknesses are and take steps to get help to up-level on those steps.

I’ve been an avid people watcher my whole life.  People with a big sense of purpose and who want to make a big impact on the world are often those who are stuck most around making money,  and those that have money are desperately wanting real meaning and purpose in their life.

Don’t you think it’s time for those with big hearts and callings to make money and become prosperous so that they can become the movers and shakers of our world?

Lastly, but definitely not least.  In Lynne Twists book “The Soul of Money” she references Buckminster Fullers work in the 1970’s where he stated:

“This is a world that can work for everyone with no one and nothing left out, and we have the power and the resources now to create a you AND me world rather than a you OR me world.” ~ Buckminster Fuller

To access an experience of true prosperity we have to first get to the experience of enough, and to do that we have to be willing to let go of a lifetime of scarcity’s lessons and lies.

Here’s to your juicy feminine successful business and cracking through your inner glass ceiling!

The next essential step in the 7 Step Feminine Success Formula is that of Presence.