Reclaim the C Word!

Reclaim the C Word!

Reclaim the C Word

“The word “cunt” is generally regarded in English-speaking countries as unsuitable for normal public discourse. It has been described as “the most heavily tabooed word of all English words” Wikipedia

From Barbara G. Walkers “The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets” when you look up the word “cunt” it is related to words from India, China, Ireland, Rome and Egypt. Such titles were either ones of respect for women, priestesses and witches, or derivatives of names for goddesses.

In ancient writings the word “cunt” was synonymous with “woman,” however it was one of reverence, admiration and respect.

The words “bitch” and “whore” have suffered a similar demise in our language.

Strange isn’t it that three words that now convey negative meanings for women used to be totally positive ones!

This dates back to patriarchal religious domination and the inquisition which, over 500 years rendered what once was revered as a jewel to be honored and adored, raped, murdered and quashed into a second class citizen.

They rightfully feared the power of the “cunt”, it’s magic, it’s mystery, it’s seductive force. However, they effectively destroyed it along with it a whole world of mystery, magic and access to spiritual worlds for the general population.

Perhaps it’s time to reclaim the cunt!


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