I LOVE to speak!  I LOVE to inspire!   I LOVE to spread this knowledge.

Too many women today are burnt out, overwhelmed, exhausted and wear too many hats.  With all of your responsibilities, you have become disconnected from your true feminine power and are finding yourself doing these things from masculine-mode.  This is no fault of yours, it is just how you were taught to do life!  

But there is another way, a way that fills you up,  let’s you shine and live your purpose in a way that is supported by community and allows you to re-learn how to be in your feminine power, to love and adore your sexuality and to then be able to fully shine your gifts!

My true passion is to show you how to run your business and live your life from Feminine principles.

Here is a link to my speaker sheet.  Please feel free to download this to see if there is a fit to work with your event and audience.


Contact: candice@venus-effect.com

Phone: (415) 656 5577


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