Feminine Softness And Opening: How To Be More Feminine

Feminine Softness And Opening: How To Be More Feminine

You probably wouldn’t usually think in terms of “power” when talking about such topics as softness and opening, right?

Here’s why.

I’m referring to what makes us powerful as a human being, not power over someone or something.

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Why does this matter?

Feminine power has some core elements to it that include softness and opening and I’ve made a video this week covering these aspects of what it takes be more feminine, feel your power and unlock your energy!

Check out my new video on “Feminine Softness And Opening” and how to get into your feminine power.


3 Reasons Why Being Masculine Won’t Work In Relationships

My relationship history looks a bit like this –

I used to attract men who were:

Not accomplished

Not masculine

Didn’t lead

Had no real sense of direction


Didn’t love the feminine (in fact had serious issues with it!)

That I funded (because I made more money)

Blamed me for everything (didn’t own their stuff)

Sex didn’t really work (due to a lack of sexual polarity)


So, being who I am, I had to take a long hard look inside myself to see what it was about me that was attracting this kind of man. I realized that it was largely due to me being swung too hard into my own masculine and not enough in my feminine.

This my dear is how we emasculate men!

This, in addition to my realization 8 years ago that I had also run my companies for the last 25 years from my masculine is what led me to research what feminine power is and how to get more of it! As part of this I’ve been studying relationship and dating for the last 4+ years.

I invite you to click on my new video on “3 Reasons Why Being Masculine Won’t Work In Relationships.”

You’re probably wondering…

I don’t claim to be a relationship expert…but I am an ongoing and avid researcher and teacher about feminine power, and the feminine is all about relationship.

I’ve discovered a boat load of cool stuff around dating and relationships, brain science, hormones and communication. There’s nothing like a lifetime of shitty relationships to drive one to do this, hey!

So that’s what I did.

I’m here to share a few things that I’m discovering about dating and relationship as a smart, savvy, successful woman.

One of the keys to successful relationship as a woman is that being too masculine in your relationship won’t work.

Here’s why

I’m pretty sure that what you are looking for is a very masculine, available and relationshipable (is that a word?) man, right? For you to feel met, matched and adored, then you are going to have to let go of the reins for a bit, let the man lead and learn how to create space, be in your feminine, love your body and invite him toward you.

Check out my new video on “3 Reasons Why Being Masculine Won’t Work In Relationships.”

And I’ll be sharing with you how to be in your feminine power instead!


How To Activate Feminine Energy In 3 Steps

The other day I spotted a Ferrari parked on the side of the street.

Wow!  What a machine…so beautiful, just sitting there.

Gorgeous industrial design, sleek lines, Ferrari red!

Now, I’ve never driven in a Ferrari, but I’ve seen them driving, and boy, does her real self show up when she’s all fueled up and driving in the way only she can.

Think about it.

A Ferrari is actually a performance racing car.

They’re designed for speed, smoothness, holding the road…performance…but you could be fooled to think she was just a beautiful example of industrial design if all you’d ever seen of one was it parked on the side of the street.

What does this mean for you?

In this weeks video I show you How To Activate Feminine Energy In 3 Steps.

Essentially, I’ll show you how to put fuel in YOUR Ferrari! Check out my full video below:


What is Feminine Sexuality & Why You Want More of It

Yep, this week is all about Feminine Sexual Energy!

You may be wondering why I’ve made a video on this, right?


Here’s the problem.

Without being in a real, deep relationship to your sexual energy, as a woman, you will be out of touch with the life force behind feminine power.

Feminine power is not an “idea” or simply having different ways of communicating, thinking and acting in your life.  (Although, this is certainly part of getting back into your feminine power and energy.)

Feminine power is really about getting tapped into the force of the feminine inside your body. This force lives within every woman, but without being plugged into for it’s supply, it lies dormant and therefore, holds back all of it’s juiciness and magnetic powers!

Your sexuality, your orgasm, your force, your power.

These come from the inside out, and not the outside in, and because of this, we must go deep within to nurture and spark this powerful essence.


Best of all…

When you start to get this, I mean really GET this, then you will be forever tapped into an unlimited font of power, creativity and energy.

And yes I did say, unlimited! You will become an attractive, magnetic force who can wo-manifest whatever she wants and desires!

This force is within you, however, she is currently hiding behind the walls of fear, shame, guilt…and many other hidden beliefs.


The good news?

When you learn, or really re-learn the feminine arts, you start to tap into this unlimited font of energy inside yourself…this creative, juicy, powerful force that shapes your very body, life and existence.

This force is a direct source of pure passion, zest and vibrancy that reflects into the world around you!

I created this video to show you how essential feminine sexual energy is in your life, and is longing to be stroked, fondled and used for your creative desires!

Enjoy the video, and I would love for you to leave a comment below the video on YouTube.  I’ll be checking and answering them for you.

Do You Want To Know How Your Sexuality Relates To Your Business Success?

Whaaaa?   You may be thinking right now, but hang in there, this may be a revelation, a breakthrough for you as to why you are not getting the success that you want in your life and your business.

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I created this video to show you that your relationship to your business success is integrally related to your sexuality, as in, feminine sexuality is soooo different to masculine sexuality.

And, the way business has been conducted in the world to date, has been based on the masculine models, masculine energy and masculine forms of drive.

This has driven you to be in man-mode much of the time, believing that more of that will bring your more success.

Wrong!  But you knew that.

It’s no fun, it’s not sustainable and doesn’t lead to a business that you love and loves you back.

Click on the video below to see how understanding and owning your feminine sexuality will bring you great success and longevity for your business.  (This is a sneak preview from the 105 videos in the Feminine Success Academy course!)

Enjoy and I’d love you to leave a comment below the video!


—> Click here to find out about how your feminine sexuality is linked to your success.



The Secret Connection Between Your Feminine And Your Success

The Secret Connection Between Your Feminine And Your Success

The biggest challenge many professional women have today is that they are overwhelmed, exhausted and they feel sexually blocked or locked down. They wear too many hats and they are juggling too many balls.

They are mothers, wives, lovers, business owners, corporate executives…and down they spin, more exhausted, less energy, less desire. And they are not getting the results that they want in their work or their relationships and worst of all, they are not living their life purpose.

What is happening here? How did this happen? How did we women who were supposed to be “emancipated” by the sexual revolution of the 60’s end up like this?

I don’t think that this is what we expected to happen, that “equality” would lead to exhaustion and shut down on so many levels.

It’s been my observation after 20 years of doing self development work with professional women that they have become so exhausted and sexually locked down because they are stuck in what I call “masculine-mode”. They either don’t realize this, or don’t know what it really feels like to be in their feminine power any more or indeed, how to swing the pendulum back in that direction when they want to.

At the very least it leads to exhaustion and sexual lock down. At its worst, uterine cancer, ovarian cysts, vaginal prolapse, just to name a few of the “female” diseases that are reaching epidemic proportions in our lives today.

We all have masculine and feminine forces inside of us.

When I speak of masculine-feminine I’m not referring to male-female nor man-woman.

I’m speaking of inner forces.

e.g. masculine forces are that of movement, action, doing, competition, analytical, rational, linear, objective.   Feminine forces are that of receiving, holding, spreading, flow, creative, intuition and community. Yes, there is a lot more to this, and when I teach the Feminine Success Programs I speak about the difference between true and false masculine as well as true and false feminine….and they are very different. But let’s leave these generalizations on the table for now.

We are seeking balance. We are all seeking balance. However, balance in a female body needs to be dialed more toward the feminine part of the spectrum than the masculine, and for so many professional women who get “stuck” in masculine-mode they don’t know how to get off the hamster wheel.

They come home at night and can barely make a meal for their family and then they want to fall into bed…..to sleep! not to have sex or enjoy intimacy with their partner. This is because they are so exhausted….and down they spin, into another day where there is no space, no out breath, no time!

A female body is designed for receptivity, for space and out-breath. Just look at the different between male and female genitals. Men are built for driving and moving forward (penis!) and we are built for receiving (a vagina!). Hmmmm, this is so obvious and yet we keep behaving like we have a penis!

Men have 30 times more testosterone than women. They are literally designed to be put under stress (read: flooded with cortisol). It’s works for them, to an extent. But women are built for pleasure, to be flooded with oxytocin, amongst other pleasure enhancing hormones.

So, if you are not walking around feeling pleasure, joy and sexiness in your body, your are unplugged from your feminine. You can actually feel this ALL OF THE TIME. Believe me, I do! Yes, all of the time. And you can too.

Now, this doesn’t mean that women can’t DO what men can do, but it puts into question whether you WANT to do things the way men and the predominantly masculine paradigms of our world want you to DO them. Is it worth continuing to do things this way to the detriment of your health, your relationships, your sexuality and, truthfully your real success?

What if there was another way?

What if by being in your true feminine power you could actually be MORE successful and crack through your glass ceiling? What if being in your feminine you found yourself turned-on again, plugged back into your juicy feminine innate power and your relationships turned around?

Well, all of this is not just possible, but it is what is required for you to find and live your calling, your mission and live your purpose.

I’m here to say that the outdated masculine paradigms, like and old pair of shoes, must be thrown out to make space for new ways of living, having relationships and being in true alignment such that you can have the type of thriving business that you seek. That you can serve who you want to and having a totally joyful, uplifting, and thriving business in the process.

It is time, it is time, to challenge the unconscious ways that we have been taught to live and work in as female corporate executives and entrepreneurs.

It is time to wake up, and realize that you have an untapped GOLD MINE in your very own body and once you uncover it, it will not only give you immense pleasure, unlimited energy and satisfaction, but the life and success that you really want.

Isn’t it time to get off the hamster wheel, design your own life and live and serve from the fullness of yourself, rather than depletion and constant struggle?

Ask yourself, isn’t it time?

This is your time!

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