3 Secrets For How To Surrender & Let Go

This weeks video is going to teach you 3 Secrets For How To Surrender!

I’ve got good new and bad news.

The good news:

Surrender is such a feminine thing.

It is one the 5 keys to feminine power.  But, more about that coming soon!

It is a fundamental part of learning the Feminine Arts, which is essentially about the art of how to be in your feminine side or polarity. …the bad news is, that surrender has been completely misunderstood for a loooong time now!

—> [VIDEO] 3 Secrets For How To Surrender

So, what’s the real story?

Surrender IS NOT defeat!  The idea that surrender is about “giving up” is soooooo off base. Surrender is about giving over or surrendering to something or someone else. It is a choice that you can make…in any moment…and one of the most powerful choices you can make in life.

Surrender comes with a realization that, perhaps, your plan is not the best one for you.  Perhaps the universe has something EVERY BETTER in mind for your life!

Michael Singer calls this Surrendering to the flow of life in his wonderful book “The Surrender Experiment”  You could also call it, surrendering to the Divine Plan For You.

“Best laid plans of mice and men” refers to how we muscle our way through life, taking charge, taking control, and not keeping an eye out for help, support or other ways of doing things.

You know, man-mode… The mode that keeps you in the gerbil wheel of overwhelm, exhaustion and depletion.

Here’s the catch.

It is no small thing (re)learning how and when to surrender.  It takes faith and a building of trust in a person, a man, life! It also takes practice, practice, practice! Learning to surrender must not remain theoretical.  You need to try it little by little, baby steps, as you learn how to hand over the wheel of that gorgeous Ferrari of yours (aka. YOU!), and let somebody else drive for a bit. I get it…trust me…I get it!

I held the reins of life soooo tightly for soooo long, and what it led to was a lot of grasping, pain and suffering inside myself.

How can you actually do this?

Surrender is an orientation of turning over both your body and your spirit. When you learn the feminine arts, which includes how to surrender, then you will find that you actually start getting what you want. I created this video to show you 3 Secrets For How To Surrender:-

1) Leaning Back

2) Letting Go

3) Waiting To Receive

Enjoy the details in this weeks video, and I’d love you to leave a comment below the video on YouTube.


Tantra is a spiritual experience…

Tantra is a spiritual experience…

“Many men and women believe that an Erection and thrusting is required to bring her to orgasm.  In Tantric Maithuna Love making, one just allows the Lingam to rest in the Yoni, both partners gently squeeze their PC Muscles. No thrusting or Erections are required.  The Yoni goes into Beautiful Uncontrollable Quivering contractions that Radiate through the Whole body. Bringing immense Ecstatic Orgasms And Deep Spiritual experiences to both Partner and Yourself.”


-Tantra Club NZ.

Enter my mind and I am yours for life...


The eroticism in vulnerability.

The eroticism in vulnerability.

“It’s common to point out the sexual nature of being forceful in a penetrating way, but we don’t hear much about the sexuality of being open and receptive. Perhaps our deeply ingrained sexism has blinded our culture to the eroticism in vulnerability”


~  “The Soul of Sex – Cultivating Life as an Act of Love” – Thomas Moore

Angel of Sensuality

Angel of Sensuality

Open open open.

Open open open.

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately about opening. My conclusion is that I want to open despite all outside circumstances; whether or not people around me are open, angry or hurtful.

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