6 Steps To Self-Care Through Self-Compassion

Are you harder on yourself than anybody else?

Do you find it hard to forgive your mistakes?

Do you take things personally?

Self compassion is, in a lot of ways, the foundation for real self care. I’d call it the most inner way to provide care for yourself…and subsequently others.

Here’s why

I’ve always been the type of person who takes things very personally. You know… Someone’s short with me, or aggressive or over reacting to something. I think that I’ve done something wrong.

Most of the time, they’re just having a shitty day or hitting their own stuff.

The amount of stress this causes me is over the top, so I’ve learned to stop, take a breath and realize that they are human and having a bad moment or day.

It has ultimately lead to me being able to be more gentle and compassionate with others too.

Check out my new video on “6 Step To Self Care Through Self Compassion”


How To Get Into Your “Feminine Vs. Feminist Power”

This weeks video answers a question from a YouTube subscriber “What are your opinions on being a feminist?”

Great question!

Well, in this video I cover the difference between the Feminine Power movement and what it is evolving from; the feminist movement.

I honor our sister forbears from the feminist movement, but make clear that what the world needs now is feminine power and that this is different from what the early feminists were fighting for.

Check out my new video below where I clarify the difference between Feminine vs Feminist Power.


How To Receive More In Your Life

Be honest.

What’s your first response when somebody compliments you?

“You look great!”

“Job well done!”

“Delicious cake!”

I know, I used to push it away and say “Oh, no I don’t; I didn’t;  I can do better…”


When you praise someone and they don’t receive it, it hurts, right?

So, I learned to receive praise….gracefully, gratefully and graciously. Receiving praise and compliments is one of the eight tips for how to receive more in your life.

Check out my new video below where I go deep on HOW to receive more step by step.


How To Activate Feminine Energy In 3 Steps

The other day I spotted a Ferrari parked on the side of the street.

Wow!  What a machine…so beautiful, just sitting there.

Gorgeous industrial design, sleek lines, Ferrari red!

Now, I’ve never driven in a Ferrari, but I’ve seen them driving, and boy, does her real self show up when she’s all fueled up and driving in the way only she can.

Think about it.

A Ferrari is actually a performance racing car.

They’re designed for speed, smoothness, holding the road…performance…but you could be fooled to think she was just a beautiful example of industrial design if all you’d ever seen of one was it parked on the side of the street.

What does this mean for you?

In this weeks video I show you How To Activate Feminine Energy In 3 Steps.

Essentially, I’ll show you how to put fuel in YOUR Ferrari! Check out my full video below:


6 Tips For How To Self-Care

I keep hearing women espouse the concept of “radical self care”, as apparently, self love has become something “radical” to do! …to keep yourself healthy, sexy, vibrant and filled up on life!

But, here’s the best part. It’s time to take the “radical” out of this and integrate it back into your daily life. …for good!

In this weeks video I want to show you 6 Tips For How To Self Care from the inside out, which is from where your true feminine foundations exist.

Enjoy the video, and I’d love you to leave a comment below the video on YouTube.  I’ll be checking and answering them for you.


What is Feminine Sexuality & Why You Want More of It

Yep, this week is all about Feminine Sexual Energy!

You may be wondering why I’ve made a video on this, right?


Here’s the problem.

Without being in a real, deep relationship to your sexual energy, as a woman, you will be out of touch with the life force behind feminine power.

Feminine power is not an “idea” or simply having different ways of communicating, thinking and acting in your life.  (Although, this is certainly part of getting back into your feminine power and energy.)

Feminine power is really about getting tapped into the force of the feminine inside your body. This force lives within every woman, but without being plugged into for it’s supply, it lies dormant and therefore, holds back all of it’s juiciness and magnetic powers!

Your sexuality, your orgasm, your force, your power.

These come from the inside out, and not the outside in, and because of this, we must go deep within to nurture and spark this powerful essence.


Best of all…

When you start to get this, I mean really GET this, then you will be forever tapped into an unlimited font of power, creativity and energy.

And yes I did say, unlimited! You will become an attractive, magnetic force who can wo-manifest whatever she wants and desires!

This force is within you, however, she is currently hiding behind the walls of fear, shame, guilt…and many other hidden beliefs.


The good news?

When you learn, or really re-learn the feminine arts, you start to tap into this unlimited font of energy inside yourself…this creative, juicy, powerful force that shapes your very body, life and existence.

This force is a direct source of pure passion, zest and vibrancy that reflects into the world around you!

I created this video to show you how essential feminine sexual energy is in your life, and is longing to be stroked, fondled and used for your creative desires!

Enjoy the video, and I would love for you to leave a comment below the video on YouTube.  I’ll be checking and answering them for you.