3 Tips For How To Embody Feminine Power

In this weeks video you will learn 3 Tips For How To Embody Feminine Power.

—> [VIDEO] 3 Tips For How To Embody Feminine Power 

And here’s a secret…

One of the tips is pretty racy! Now, in this video I give you a bunch of context prior to the tips which start at 6:20…so skip ahead to the tips of you want.  I won’t tell anyone…

What is power and what is embodiment for that matter?

Well,  it isn’t about belief or thinking about power,  it’s about feeling it from the inside out. 

It’s about loving every square inch of your body from the inside out.  It’s about getting plugged back into your power source and it’s about learning how to be powerfully feminine again.

When we do this, we feel confident; when we feel confident, we shine! And when we shine, we attract pretty much whatever we want into us, our work and our relationships.

Why is this important?

It’s time for us women to love and adore our bodies and our lady parts again! And as I say at the end of all of my videos, “when you have the courage to go out there and shine, you give others permission to do the same… So let’s go out there and shine this week!”

Check out this weeks video where I’ll show you 3 Tips For How To Embody Feminine Power 


3 Secrets For How To Surrender & Let Go

This weeks video is going to teach you 3 Secrets For How To Surrender!

I’ve got good new and bad news.

The good news:

Surrender is such a feminine thing.

It is one the 5 keys to feminine power.  But, more about that coming soon!

It is a fundamental part of learning the Feminine Arts, which is essentially about the art of how to be in your feminine side or polarity. …the bad news is, that surrender has been completely misunderstood for a loooong time now!

—> [VIDEO] 3 Secrets For How To Surrender

So, what’s the real story?

Surrender IS NOT defeat!  The idea that surrender is about “giving up” is soooooo off base. Surrender is about giving over or surrendering to something or someone else. It is a choice that you can make…in any moment…and one of the most powerful choices you can make in life.

Surrender comes with a realization that, perhaps, your plan is not the best one for you.  Perhaps the universe has something EVERY BETTER in mind for your life!

Michael Singer calls this Surrendering to the flow of life in his wonderful book “The Surrender Experiment”  You could also call it, surrendering to the Divine Plan For You.

“Best laid plans of mice and men” refers to how we muscle our way through life, taking charge, taking control, and not keeping an eye out for help, support or other ways of doing things.

You know, man-mode… The mode that keeps you in the gerbil wheel of overwhelm, exhaustion and depletion.

Here’s the catch.

It is no small thing (re)learning how and when to surrender.  It takes faith and a building of trust in a person, a man, life! It also takes practice, practice, practice! Learning to surrender must not remain theoretical.  You need to try it little by little, baby steps, as you learn how to hand over the wheel of that gorgeous Ferrari of yours (aka. YOU!), and let somebody else drive for a bit. I get it…trust me…I get it!

I held the reins of life soooo tightly for soooo long, and what it led to was a lot of grasping, pain and suffering inside myself.

How can you actually do this?

Surrender is an orientation of turning over both your body and your spirit. When you learn the feminine arts, which includes how to surrender, then you will find that you actually start getting what you want. I created this video to show you 3 Secrets For How To Surrender:-

1) Leaning Back

2) Letting Go

3) Waiting To Receive

Enjoy the details in this weeks video, and I’d love you to leave a comment below the video on YouTube.


How To Be More Eggy

Yes, I said EGGY and not EDGY!


Why does this even matter?





No breaks

Working harder

Juggling too many balls


No life!


Do any of these outdated tunes rattle in the harmony of your day-to-day flow?

Do you recognize any of these in yourself?


Well, I’ve got some news for you.

These realities present themselves when we’re in man-mode.

And when we are in man-mode we are being… SPERMY!

Oolala, just typing those words makes me tighten and tense up!

My muscles can still remember my marriage with man-mode.

The strenuous, overwhelming, fatigue and eye bag-inducing life constantly left me feeling disconnected. It felt like my mind, body and spirit were all being tugged and pulled in different directions, as opposed to a fluid, linear alignment.

There was no softness

There was no yin to the abundant amounts of yang.

The forcing, pushing and overworking was slicing through the yearnings of my soul.

The gerbil wheel of staying in man-mode and being spermy had my feminine energy cut like sharp corners.

Talk about edgy!

But you’re probably wondering

How did I even get here?

How can I soften my edges and become more eggy?

Well, darling, this week’s video is about How To Be More Eggy – or The Feminine Way To Manifest Your Dreams.

I created this video to show you how to become more soft and eggy!

I want you to escape the energetic confinements and help you to swing and sway in a graceful, feminine way!

The funny thing is, by being more eggy you will actually have an edge on those trapped in man-mode.

So, in a way it is actually edgy being more eggy!

Enjoy the video, and I’d love for you to leave a comment below the video on YouTube.  I’ll be checking and answering them for you, so ask away!

Secrets To Your Effectiveness In Business (And Life!)

I’ve always been a people watcher since I was a kid…I’m just fascinated with how people act and behave and how they move in the world!

Did you know that body language accounts for 55% of how people perceive your message?

What this means is when you learn how to be powerfully embodied, your message, words and ideas are received more easily by others.

—> Click here to find out about how to be more embodied and use body language to communicate more effectively.

One of the things you need to learn to do this is to really love your body and treat it like temple, like the sacred place that it is.

I created this video as part of the 6 month Feminine Success Academy, to show women how to be more effective when speaking, networking and meeting their ideal clients out there.

—> FREE exercise and video that I encourage you to watch to help you to be more embodied.

Click on the video below to get the FREE exercise!   Enjoy and I’d love you to leave a comment below the video on YouTube.

—> Click here to find out about how to be more embodied and use body language to communicate more effectively.


The Seven Steps To Feminine Success – Step 2 – Personal Brand

The Seven Steps To Feminine Success – Step 2 – Personal Brand

Step #2 – Personal Brand

Personal branding is the practice of you marketing yourself and your career as brands.   The personal branding concept suggests that success comes from self-packaging. Personal branding, self-positioning and all individual branding concepts by whatever name, were first introduced in 1937 in the book “Think And Grow Rich”  by Napoleon Hill.

The term, however, is thought to have been first used and discussed in a 1997 article called “The Brand Called You” by Tom Peters.

“Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.” ~ Tom Peters

I’ve always loved Tom Peters.  I read his book “In Search Of Excellence” when I was a young corporate woman in Australia.  His message of excellence is still how I seek to run my businesses and be for my clients.

Personal branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing who you are, your skills and your strengths and then being very consistent in your delivery of them into the world.

What then,  is YOUR Personal Brand?

“A good personal brand combines both strength and warmth.” ~  Ellen Looyen

Ellen Looyen is a global personal branding specialist.  In her book “Branded for Life”,  she tells a story of two corporate executives and how they came to define their personal brand.

Strength and warmth, a combination of seeming opposites, a divine marriage between things that don’t seem to mix.  This could be defined as needing to balance masculine and feminine polarity also.   Understanding polarity is so essential when finding your personal brand position.

The need for both strength and warmth is required to give your clients both confidence in you i.e. that you can get the job done, that they can trust your expertise as a coach or mentor, that you will follow through and that you know your sh!t;

And warmth, so that they feel you as human, real, even vulnerable.  They want to know that you have trodden this path before them.

“Personal Brands are felt” says Looyen.

Your personal brand needs to be congruent with everything that you are and everything that you do.  This is not about making something up, it is about being authentically you, real and playing to your strengths.

How do you do this?

What I found is that I needed guidance and mentoring to help define my personal brand.  Why?   Because we are inside the mirror.  We need other people, especially experts in this field, to help us be reflected back to us, so that we know really who we are, what our strengths are and how to be clear and congruent when we speak on stage, network, write an article,  write a blog or build a website.

“The hand holding the awesome brochure better be congruent with its message” Looyen says.

Your Personal brand is your look, your feel, your voice, your behavior,  the way your are with people, the way you coach, the way you turn up, the way you lead.

Consistency is the key.

It MUST be driven from inside, a sense of deep alignment with who you really are, what your values are,  what you want your legacy to be.

For me, the defining of my personal brand was so key to my message, to how and what I want to teach women.  My greatest strengths were hidden to me; not to anybody that knew me well as it was obvious to them, but to me I just couldn’t quite see what they were.  I could feel them when I spoke on stage, or coached a client or ran a course, but how to put this into words was not clear to me at all.  This is why I employed a coach to help me do that.

The way I show women how to personally brand themselves includes methods that are both straight up getting to know them, their strengths, their feel and the value that they bring;  and pretty profound and mysterious!

What we arrive at is your “Feminine Success Avatar” who is revealed as the core, key you, often buried away, hidden deep inside you, aching to be brought to life and given a purpose to express herself in the world.

Once you know this, we puts words around it and what you are about.

Once you know this,  your purpose has a very willing body to employ itself with.

Once you know this, all of the inner resources will rise up to meet you to act out your purpose with gusto and fervor.

An effective “Personal Brand” is not a “marketing promise,” it is a track record of demonstrated/sustained excellence.

An effective “Personal Brand” is marked by understatement, not overstatement.

An effective “Personal Brand” is not about solos, it’s about the power of your network.

An effective “Personal Brand” is 10% vision, 90% execution.

An effective “Personal Brand” has mud on her boots.

~ Tom Peters

Here’s to your awesome personal brand!

The next essential step in the 7 Step Feminine Success Formula is that of Polarity.   That is coming up in next weeks blog!


Dance, and Make Joyous the Love Around You.

Dance, and Make Joyous the Love Around You.

“Love is the dancing cry of the soul, calling the body to worship
Like a shining whirlpool, or a spinning mayfly
So is love among the skies.
I leap across the mountaintops, madly singing the song of all songs
I float through the ether, intoxicated, thrilled
I think only of your love, your calling to me
And I dance the thousand dances of love, all returning to you.

It is not the play of children, nor the detached unity of wise sages
Unreal! Unnecessary!
Where is the beauty?

When I, like a glowing comet, may flash around your sun
Laughing, singing, with the joy of loving you!

Wine makes drunk the mind and body
But it is love which thrills the soul
When I approach you, I feel the mad pounding of love
The singing wonder
The joy which opens blossoms on the trees of the world.

Come to me, and I shall dance with you
In the temples, on the beaches, through the crowded streets
Be you man or woman, plant or animal, slave or free
I shall show you the brilliant crystal fires, shining within
I shall show you the beauty deep within your soul
I shall show the path beyond Heaven.

Only dance, and your illusions will blow in the wind
Dance, and make joyous the love around you
Dance, and your veils which hide the Light
Shall swirl in a heap at your feet.”


~ Rumi


Whirling Dervish