Five Minutes to Famous In Review

Five Minutes to Famous In Review

I recently met a PR expert who taught me how to do online publicity myself in a few simple steps.

Last year I had a royal failure in my business. I took a big gamble and invested heavily in Facebook Ads to grow my business. A Facebook ads agent took my money, a lot of it, to market my webinars internationally via Facebook ads. It was a huge investment for me and it was a total flop and a big heartbreak for me at the time.  

I recoiled from this for a good year and went back to my more grassroots approach to growing my business.

PR is something that I’ve known I’ve needed for my business, but in no way have had the funds to employ a PR manager. I perceived PR as some sort of dark art, that only those in the know had access to and, boy, will you have to pay the entry fee to get their expertise.

And then Susie Moore appeared in my world.

She breaks down the seemingly impenetrable walls of PR and media, to provide great publicity for your business, by showing us that with article writing, blog posting, and interviews on podcasts or youtube, we can pretty much do this for FREE.

I soon found that PR wasn’t the dark art that it seemed to be.

I’ve been a self-proclaimed “terrible writer” since Adam was a boy, which is why my entire business has been built around video and YouTube. So the thought of getting down and writing stuff was pretty daunting to me.

In under ten days of taking Susie’s Course, Five Minutes to Famous, I had my first article published in Thrive Global – Ariana Huffington’s new online publication. And even better, I got a client from this article who ended up in my marketing funnel and purchased one of my online programs! All in under two weeks of taking Susie’s course and implementing the steps, she so simply outlines.

As Ariana Huffington says herself:

“Whatever your entry point is, take it!”

I’ve now been posting an article a week successfully, and I’m really enjoying it!

And I’m slowly finding my voice, my style, my way of writing. It’s imperfect, but hey, I wrote my first article about the Myth Of Perfection, so, I guess, I’m an expert in that!

What I Discovered

I found myself on a short little webinar by Susie Moore. During it, she turned something that I had previously thought was really complicated, really expensive, and really out of my reach, to be simple, inexpensive, and do-able!

Here’s a breakdown of what she’s taught me.

  1. Online Media sources are hungry for content
  2. They want to hear your view and voice on things
  3. You don’t have to be a writer to be great at this
  4. You don’t even need a website!

Susie Moore has run the gamut of every type of media, from TV to podcasts to numerous articles published across various media types, from Business insider, Cosmoplitan, and TV interviews to being a guest on podcasts. This is something she recommends by the way, don’t limit yourself to publications inside of your niche.

There are broadly two types of what Susie calls “guest posting” to online publications:-

1. Easy posting online publications: Immediate publishing! 

You can pretty much get an account, write a short article and get it published the same day.

I’ve had a few articles already published in this category with a minimum of a day’s wait.

2. Pitch to online media outlets. Expect a longer wait.   

This type is usually for bigger, better-known brand names like Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Forbes etc. With this type, you’ll have to write an email pitch to an editor and await their response. If they do get back to you positively, you’ll continue to work with the editor until the article is ready for publishing.  

It can sometimes take weeks or months before the article will go live and get published, but it’s worth the wait if you get published in one of your favorite recognized online publications.

The mysterious thing about these articles is that, once they’re written they’re out there on the internet for time immemorial!   

That first woman who read my article had, as it happened, been in my world for years, and there was something mysteriously inspiring, in her mind, about reading a written piece by me. Enough that it tipped the balance, and she decided to invest in one of my programs finally.

I highly recommend Susie Moore’s Five Minutes To Famous course for these reasons:-

  • Her course is incredibly inexpensive for the value it will bring to your business.
  • Susie is an industry leader on how to do this.
  • She’s simplified and clarified how to do this.
  • The Five Minutes To Famous Facebook group is really active, with lots of support from Susie and her team and other active members.
  • No need for Facebook Ads to grow your business.
  • Susie knows her stuff!
  • She’s an all-round great gal! 

My final words are these. PR/Media isn’t the dark art that I previously thought it was. With an expert like Susie breaking it down to it’s simplest components, you can’t lose.

This was unheard of 20 years ago! As publishing went online, the borders broke down for us, and some early birds, like Susie, broke the code for us small business owners to follow.

Five Minutes to Famous doesn’t come with a hefty 5+ figure price tag of most other PR courses out there. Yet it will get you the same results…if not better results, because you’ll actually start DOING instead of just planning or wishing.

And yes, there’s a short learning curve to do this, but once you’ve learned it, it’s FREE publicity for your business.

So, from a self-professed terrible writer, I’m writing this to encourage you to challenge yourself in a way that can be to be quite profound for your business and, indeed, if nothing else, build your own self-confidence.

The Myth of Perfection: And How To Be Truly Feminine

The Myth of Perfection: And How To Be Truly Feminine

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, wasn’t supposed to be leaning, but if it were straight it probably wouldn’t be such a popular tourist attraction.

I’m a recovering perfectionist, which is probably why I know a thing or two about this topic.

I mean, I love producing beautiful videos, creating awesome programs, leading my international sisterhood and, frankly, doing things really well. …and I’m critical of what I produce at every step single step of the process.

Whether it’s a new video, or a new program, a livestream or a blog post.

Here’s the deal

I let go, publish, and move forward.

Now, I’ve been fascinated by excellence my whole life.

As It Turns Out

Studies have shown that perfectionism is closely related to shame. it’s like we’re trying to hide something behind being perfect.

“Where there is perfectionism, there is always shame” says Brene Brown.

And perfectionism isn’t the same as healthy striving or a desire for excellence.


How To Transition From Work-Mode Back Into Your Feminine

How To Transition From Work-Mode Back Into Your Feminine

I get asked this question a lot.

“How can I get back into my feminine after my work day so that I can be available for a relationship?”

Here’s the scoop

Essentially the answer is in creating transitions…from Man-OS into Fem-OS!  i.e. our masculine operating system into our feminine operating system.

My latest video gives some tips as to how to do this if you’re heading out on a date or if you’re wanting to be more available to your partner.

I invite you to check out my new video on How To Transition From Work-Mode Back Into Your Feminine

Let’s go out there and shine!

How Being Too Masculine Is Stopping You Getting What You Want With Men

How Being Too Masculine Is Stopping You Getting What You Want With Men

Have you ever thought about what is stopping you from getting what you want?

Have you ever thought about what is stopping you from getting what you want…. with men?

I hear you sister, as I experienced this first hand, and I can tell you that this block comes down to two little words:



Now, I want you to know that it is not your fault that you are operating through a masculine lens.

We have been trained to think and act from this mode by society, and as you probably already know, it does not work out well when it comes to our relationships with men.

For many women, the constant energy outpouring of pushing and striving, leads to, (if I can be totally honest with you? ) repelling masculine men.


Here’s how it goes:

When we look at the masculine-feminine spectrum, we have to keep in mind that the two are residing on the two opposite ends of life.

Although they are on different ends, they have a magnetizing pull towards each other.


And for this reason

As a woman, you must flow and go through your life in your feminine orientation to attract a strong masculine presence.

After all, polarities do attract!

Men crave and desire fully feminine women to balance out their masculinity.

When you learn to master the glide and slide between your masculine and your feminine self,  accordingly, mighty masculine men will naturally want to bask in your feminine essence.

To dive into this week’s deep lesson on how being too masculine is stopping you from getting what you want with men, click the video link below:

How Being Too Masculine Is Stopping You From Getting What You Want With Men. 

How To Get More Feminine Energy – And How Being Too Masculine Is Hurting You

How To Get More Feminine Energy – And How Being Too Masculine Is Hurting You

I have a goal with all of my teachings to steer you away from the path of burnout, and instead steer you towards your abundant source of feminine power and energy.

I want you to live your life based on delectable feminine principles so that you can radiate and glow more than ever before!


Here’s the thing

Our feminine energy and power has been thwarted by patriarchal paradigms for millenia.

Our bodies, our sexuality, our healing power, our love, our ability to deeply serve and give.

When women get back in touch with their feminine power and energy, oolalaa they better watch out!

Because society is masculine dominated, when the streets begin to buzz with the feminine, an illuminating force will be felt from miles and miles away.

Right now, at this very moment, deep inside you lives an unlimited font of energy and power that is just waiting to be tapped into and brought out into the open.

The seed is already planted within you. It simply needs more sunlight and water to blossom into her feminine fullness.


Still not convinced?

You are not meant to do this alone!

I’m inviting you to join our sisterhood of women with the know-how, experience and love for how to make the fluid transition from masculine back into their feminine.

Check out my new video on “How To Get More Feminine Energy – And How Being Too Masculine Is Hurting You”

We’ll do this together, supported in each others’ unique beauty and power, gifts and purpose.