Discover Your True Feminine Power

6 Steps To Self-Care Through Self-Compassion

Are you harder on yourself than anybody else?
Do you find it hard to forgive your mistakes?
Do you take things personally?

Self compassion is, in a lot of ways, the foundation for real self care…[CLICK ABOVE TO READ MORE]

How To Get Into Your “Feminine Vs. Feminist Power”

This weeks video answers a question from a YouTube subscriber “What are your opinions on being a feminist?”

Great question!

Well, in this video I cover the difference between the Feminine Power movement and what it is evolving from; the feminist movement…[CLICK ABOVE TO READ MORE]

8 Tips For How To Receive More In Your Life

According to nature, the feminine is all about receiving. Just have a peek down there if you need more convincing!

Unlike the visible, external expression of male genitals, our pussy has a hidden, internal expression.

To receive is to take in, to take in is to receive…[CLICK ABOVE TO READ MORE]

How To Soften Into Your Feminine Power

Did you know that softening is one of the greatest paths to true inner strength?

Softening leads to opening and opening is where the rubber hits the road in terms of feminine power.


How To Receive More In Your Life

Be honest.

What’s your first response when somebody compliments you?

“You look great!”
“Job well done!”
“Delicious cake!”

I know, I used to push it away and say “Oh, no I don’t; I didn’t;  I can do better…”…[CLICK ABOVE TO READ MORE]

How To Dial Desire To Get What You Want

There is story about a priest and a prostitute.

They lived across the street from each other in India.

The brothel on one side; the monastery on the other.

The priest was celibate and frustrated and constantly peered out of his window at the brothel across the street.

The prostitute had big aspirations for enlightenment and would constantly peer out of her window at the monastery across the road wanting to be in full time meditation…[CLICK ABOVE TO READ MORE]

How To Activate Feminine Energy In 3 Steps

The other day I spotted a Ferrari parked on the side of the street.  

Wow!  What a machine…so beautiful, just sitting there.  Gorgeous industrial design, sleek lines, Ferrari red!

Now, I’ve never driven in a Ferrari, but I’ve seen them driving, and boy, does her real self show up when she’s all fueled up and driving in the way only she can…[CLICK ABOVE TO READ MORE]