Would You Like To Know How To Up-level Yourself Simply?

I used to think that I needed to know, well, everything about everything before I would be truly successful in business.

But what I found was that it was by taking baby steps, learning one new thing at a time and being gentle with my progress, that business success emerged for me.

I don’t want to do everything anyway! Instead, I employ awesome people who love to do the things that I don’t love to do, nor wish to learn about.

At first, when we are starting out in business you kind of have to be a Jill-of-all-trades, but in time, if you grow your business consciously, you will end up doing only what are your strengths and where your greatest passions lie.

Your purpose and passion, basically!

The transition from {!firstname_fix}-of-all-trades to running a truly collaborative business does take a bit of time.  It requires developing relationships and building trusted partners and collaborators.  But, when this starts to emerge, the feeling inside is sooooo different to when you lone-wolf every single aspect of your business.

And, the time that this takes happens whilst other baby steps are happening in your skill development.
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I created this video to remind you that if you were to improve yourself 1% every day for 100 days by taking baby steps, you’d be 100% up-leveled from where you are today!  (In fact, it would be higher than that, if my mathematical mind serves me well!)

What if we were to make a pact together, as female business owners, to become just 1% better today in just one area of our business?

In my mind, that is a totally do-able, digestible, and feminine way of growing, learning and enjoying every single [baby] step whilst growing my business.

Click on the video below to see what I have to say about how to up-level yourself simply.  Enjoy and I’d love you to leave a comment!


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