“Candice is incredibly sharp, her work is excellent and her comprehensive program produced real results.   Overall it gave me a new, broader framework to live from, allowing me to operate from a place of joy versus frustration.  I gained a much deeper understanding of my own feminine power – how to access it, where I had lost it and how to regain it and let it flourish.  Additionally, Candice cut to the chase to give me what I needed the most to breakthrough my own resistance and limitations to my feminine power.   So, if you don’t want real change, go elsewhere!”

Jennifer Pennell – San Diego, CA.  Women’s Coach

” The main benefits that I received from working with Candice was that I am feeling more connected to the feminine part of myself, meeting an amazing group of women who are on a similar path to me and connecting with them in a deep way and their continued friendship and support.  During the program, I had some really major “Ah-ha” moments about how I’ve been living my life and important steps I can take to move even closer to being my True Self as the false layers fell away.   I felt held and supported during the process and the retreat that got all of us ladies together was totally awesome.  It ended up being one of the highlights of my summer!   I really appreciated having the 1:1 sessions in conjunction with the modules, I feel that Candice really tuned into exactly what I was needing those particular days we had sessions together.”

Tracy Pierce  OH – Space Clearing Guru – Reclaim Your Space

“If you are looking for the person who will help you change the unchangeable, you have just found her. Candice has helped me overcome obstacles in myself that I honestly thought were insurmountable. When I have been at my most desperate, she has found the light to guide me back, not only to normalcy, but to a much stronger, beautiful life.
She is highly intelligent but combines that with a deeply loving heart, a rare combination indeed.
I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to change a part of their life. Candice is one of the few people I would entrust with such an important task.”

Bess Y. – Boston, MA

Working with Candice helped me not only recognize my own strength from my feminine power, but she is a good coach and supporter with an ability to lead me through the negative influences that have previously made doubt myself in the past.  She has taught me how to not hold back anymore, follow my calling and find my strength and that it is the time to manifest from my purpose.  If you need someone who is able to guide you, support you and recognize your deepest dreams, Candice is the best person to help you .”

Gija Galins – IL

“Working with Candice the past years has not only changed me but her vision-full guidance and support has consistently kept me on track with continuing to open and see who I really am. I highly recommend Candice as a practitioner if you are looking for substantial change in your life. Her approach is gentle yet powerful – no nonsense! As a woman with multiple roles, this is what I need and she makes sure that every ounce of beauty in my belly is engaged in everything I do, especially with my children, who have a tendency to melt in the belly warmth! Thank you Candice for all that you do and I am so glad to have you in my life. Your presence is such a gift from the gods!”

Sheila-Marie Gomez, CA

“I began working with Candice in 2008. My original intention was to seek out like minded people who enjoyed meditation and to get more formal training in meditation as a tool to deal with the stress in my life. I had no idea the threshold I was crossing. In the past 5 years, Candice has guided me in my journey of discovery; helping me to uncover aspects of my self I did not know existed. I have learned to embrace qualities that I had been taught, by society, were unappealing in women. Candice has also guided me to a level of integrity with myself and the people in my life I did not know was possible. This is my life journey, and I count myself fortunate to have Candice as my teacher and guide.”

Christi Graybill  Austin, TX – Director of Operations – Calendars.com

“Candice has changed my life with her love, compassion, giving, and her ability to guide me to deeper parts of myself within. She has worked with me to break limits and to grab life in a passionate embrace. If you are in search for someone to deepen your inner awareness, or work through something, or you are just in search for that something, I direct you towards my beloved Candice.”

Ellen Arden , TX

” She was able to recognize and facilitate experiences that cleared a pathway to parts of myself that have been hidden for a long time – so deeply even I didn’t always recognize them.”

Michelle Mickle – Isaquah, WA – Parenting Coach

“Candice has such a way of getting directly to the heart of the matter. She constantly and consistently guides me back to my center, pointing out the essence of the situation, and really the essence of myself. She is helping me transform my communication abilities, my marriage, and the way I see and experience my life. She is guiding me out of a view point of limitation into the world of beautiful abundance. Thank you Candice for your warmth and vision. This year is has truly been one of my best because of our sessions and time together.”

Dana Runge-Harrison, CO

“I’ve been working with Candice for four years and she has helped me through all the big transitions in my life the latest being graduating from acupuncture school to starting my own practice. Something I really, really wanted but was also terrified and unsure of. Candice helped me get in touch with deep, powerful, and essential parts of myself so that I’ve been able to create and build my practice with relative Ease and Grace. I’ve come to deeply trust her clarity of insight, be comforted by her gentle holding, and feel courageous from her fierce attitude that seems to say, “You’ve got this.” Highly, highly recommend because, well, I’m getting everything I want.”

Corinne Welder – Accupunturist , TX

“I have had the privilege of participating in courses instructed by Candice. She is a wonderful human being, who brings so much heart and warmth to people around. I am sure all those who seek her help will benefit so much.”

Teoh Ren Shang, Singapore

“Dearest Candice – I just had to thank you again for the most amazing time of my life. It exceeded my expectations in every way, and that’s saying a lot. I look forward to being with you again soon.”

Carolyn – Casper, WY

“Thank you so much for being in the US and providing us with the opportunity to attend the intensives. Everyone with whom I have shared my experience has been extremely moved and has said it has given him or her a lot to think about. I am hoping my experience will give others the impetus to move forward in their spiritual journeys. Finally, thanks again for the most amazing experience in my life so far. I never thought I would want to continue with the work, but at the end of the intensive so many things became clear and now I will be looking forward to the next intensive I am able to attend.”

Tina – Alberquerque, NM

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