Discover Your True Feminine Power

Want To Know How To Be In Your Feminine Power?

This weeks video is called “Being In Your Feminine Power”…What it is; and why as a woman you need to learn HOW to learn how to “Be” to experience your feminine power.

Think about it.

The masculine is about doing;
The feminine is about being…[CLICK ABOVE TO READ MORE]

6 Tips For How To Self-Care

I keep hearing women espouse the concept of “radical self care”, as apparently, self love has become something “radical” to do!

…to keep yourself healthy, sexy, vibrant and filled up on life!…[CLICK ABOVE TO READ MORE]

How To Attract What You Want

In this weeks video you will learn how to be attractive!

I know you are already gorgeous!  This isn’t the type of attraction I mean.

Here’s the deal…

What I’m referring to here is about how to be magnetic, and hence attract who and what you want into your life…[CLICK ABOVE TO READ MORE]

3 Secrets For How To Surrender & Let Go

This weeks video is going to teach you 3 Secrets For How To Surrender!

I’ve got good new and bad news.

The good news.  Surrender is such a feminine thing.  It is one the 5 keys to feminine power.  But, more about that coming soon!…[CLICK ABOVE TO READ MORE]

What is Feminine Sexuality & Why You Want More of It

Yep, this video is all about Feminine Sexual Energy!

You are probably wondering why I’ve made a video on this, right?

Well, here’s the deal.

Without being in a real, deep relationship to your sexual energy, as a woman, you will be out of touch with the force behind the feminine…[CLICK ABOVE TO READ MORE]

8 Keys To Increase Feminine Energy

Do you know what feminine energy really is?

How about this…

If you were a ship, your feminine energy would be the coal fired engine working deep in the bowels of the ship.

Another way of saying this is;  feminine IS energy…[CLICK ABOVE TO READ MORE]

How To Be More Eggy

Yes, I meant to say EGGY and not EDGY!


Striving, Pushing, Overworking, Overwhelm, No breaks, Working harder, Juggling too many balls, Forcing, No life!


Recognize any of these in yourself?…[CLICK ABOVE TO READ MORE]